”Rugs can transform the look of your home, stir your spirits and bring you joy. As you shop, you also give work to a female Syrian refugee.”

Life is there to be enjoyed, so bring some more joy to your home with a unique RAGMATE rug. Our shaggy rugs will delight and deliver a positive mood. They invite you to touch. They call you close. The voluptuous surface is a warm sensory bath. This, is an everyday joy.

There’s no need to leave home for you to stir your imagination and experience something new, different and exciting. Give your living room a new look with a colourful wall or floor rug, or indulge your senses in the bedroom with a luxuriant throw rug and new cushion covers. The rugs also act like an acoustic sponge, calming the atmosphere at home.

A RAGMATE rug is personal and unique because each is one of a kind. The rug is an investment in yourself – for your mind, your body and the comfort of your home. The rug will bring you everyday joy for years to come, paying back its worth many times over.

By allowing yourself one of our washable RAGMATE rugs, you are making an economical, aesthetical, ethical and ecological choice.