Eman Karbuj

My name is Eman Karbuj, and I am 45 years old. I have five children; three daughters and two sons. I was living in the city of Hasaka in Syria. My dream then was to own a home in the Syrian capital of Damascus, where my parents have a home already.

I owned a small clothes shop in Hasaka where I worked day and night, and we survived from its earnings. I also saved some money to achieve my little dream, which came true after long years of patience and suffering. We bought a home in Damascus, and I was so happy furnishing the home. We then moved to Damascus to stay at our new home, but after almost a year passed, the war broke out and turned very deadly.

We had no choice but to leave behind our little dream, and we moved to a safer place inside Damascus, my parents’ home, where my old mother, my brother and his family lived. We stayed there for nearly a year and a half. After some time, we received news that our home was stolen and then destroyed due to the fighting in Damascus.

The war became even worse and expanded into other areas of Damascus until it reached my parents’ home. We witnessed so much destruction there that we decided to leave the country, and we journeyed across the sea to Turkey. I cried as I left Syria, where I had to leave my family and my sweet memories. We finally arrived in Turkey where we found generous hospitality.

I stayed in the city of Sanliurfa, but life is hard due to lack of job opportunities and expensive rentals. I searched for a job but in was in vain, so I had to visit some humanitarian organizations, until I met this company, where I felt appreciated. I also appreciate the Chinese motto on which its values are based: “Give me a fish and you’ll feed me for a day, but teach me to fish and you’ll feed me for a lifetime”.

My work helps to cover our daily needs, and I hope this work would continue because it is the only hope I have, and it reminds me of my little shop in my beloved country Syria.