RAGMATE is an open-minded and creative innovator, unafraid to look to the future as well as the past. Our designs echo our respect for tradition whilst boldly embracing what’s fresh and exciting. We want to bring about change and help the good grow both near and far.

Our designs have roots in various cultural traditions. Rugs were already used in the Viking era as boat covers. In medieval homes, they insulated the draughty corners and warmed the chilly sleeper. The first rugs made of woollen yarn were long-haired, single coloured and simply patterned. Originally, the wool side was turned facing downwards. In the 1700’s rugs were used for festivities and decoration. They started to decorate the pile and cut it short to make patterns more visible. In later times, the wool side was kept facing upwards. By the end of the 1800’s rugs were considered art, with rugs raised as décor for the walls. The fashion and interest in rugs has come to prominence from time to time. Now, once more, is the time of the rug. Rugs are particularly fashionable in the home!

RAGMATE rug collection brings together elements from the history of rugs, from functionality to art. Our collection includes throw rugs, cushion covers, floor rugs as well as wall rugs.