Lina Badır

My name is Lina Badır. I am aged 42, and I come from the devastated city of Raqqa in Syria. I am married and have five sons and three daughters. My husband used to own a shop and a home, where we lived a happy and quiet life together. My husband was a metal worker and our living condition was comfortable. All my children were in school, and we lived peacefully in our country. However, in 2011, the Syrian people revolted against the Syrian regime demanding better conditions for their lives, and soon the Syrian people demanded that the Syrian regime be overthrown. Our life then became so hard that our only wish was for one day of peace. As missiles and airstrikes targeted Raqqa, we did not know where to hide. The city was taken by the rebels, and then taken by ISIS, which were the worst days of our lives. They forced all women to cover their faces and bodies, they closed schools and many medical centers, prevented people from watching television, recruited children, and forced young girls to get married. We lived in fear and suppression. Therefore, we decided to leave the country and go to wherever we can find peace. We went to Idlib, but the situation was also bad; it was always being targeted by airstrikes. We felt as if we were lost. Then we had an opportunity to come to Turkey, which was the only safe place we could go. We left everything behind us and moved to Turkey. The journey was not easy; the road was so risky and the smugglers on the border were taking advantage of us and took all the money we possessed. Eventually, we arrived safely in Turkey, and we are now living in a humble home. We are thankful because we are living a quiet and peaceful life. My husband has not found a job because he does not speak Turkish. It was then that I met a very nice lady called Martta, and I started to work with her.

Two of my sons are working to cover our rent, our bills, and our school expenses. We pray that the war in Syria would end one day and that peace would prevail.