Narin Hınıfalmahad

My name is Narin from Damascus. I am 31 years old and I have four children whose ages range between six and 12. Our life in Syria was simple. I was living with my mother and my disabled brother, and my husband was working in construction. However, the war ruined our life; we suffered from a blockade, from shelling, from destruction, and fear. Life in Syria became so harsh that it was hard to get even our basic needs for survival, not to mention I was pregnant during that time. We then decided to rescue our children, so we had to flee Syria and come to Turkey. My husband started to work, and I also decided to help him in supporting our family.

I love this work because it helps me to forget our painful past in Syria, and it gives us hope for a better future. I hope this work will continue, and I love Martta so much because she is so kind-hearted.

God bless you dear Martta.