///Wall Rug 11-12

Wall Rug 11-12


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The maze

As I was making this piece, I felt that at times a person can be lost in life due to circumstances, yet eventually they will find themselves. Every ending is a beautiful start.

Zehra Mih

Beautiful and authentic, a wall rug is a unique and inspiring way to cultivate your wall with character. This wall rugs will bring long-lasting joy. And remember! Because it is made from surplus materials, it is an ecological choice.

Did you know, this rug is the only one of it’s kind? This is a unique work of art. So get it now – there won’t be an other chance!

1 in stock


Wall Rug

Size: width 18-22” (45-55 cm), length 35-39” (90-100 cm)

Weight: 3,3-5,5 lb (1,5-2,5 kg)

Rag: mixed fiber

Backing: 100% polyester

Rod lane about 1,2” (3 cm)


Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 25 cm

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