”My heart swells with pride when I see the women we employ and the magnificent rugs they make! I am truly privileged to work with these brave women.”

Martta Leskelä, Founder

Corporate social responsibility is a central value of the RAGMATE trademark. The founding mission for the entire business was to provide employment for female Syrian refugees without the means to support themselves. We strive to make high quality, aesthetically attractive and ecologically sustainable products that we can be proud of. Our production processes and working practices are attuned to the manufacture of high-quality, handcrafted products.

Many aspects contribute to the creation of quality, from good materials and professional craftsmanship to care in production from start to finish, as well as the ethics of the company. At RAGMATE, everything is grounded in integrity. The transparent procurement of materials ensures we fulfil our promise of quality in production. We only buy from those that we know and trust. We visit in person the producers with whom we trade.

RAGMATE rugs are made from rags, backing cloth and cushion cover cotton fabric purchased from high-quality specialist manufacturers. The sewing for our cushion covers is subcontracted in Turkey. Facilities of family businesses performing the sewing are checked on the spot, both in terms of quality of work and working conditions. The rags come from the textile industry’s excess fabrics.

The women hired to work are those whose financial situation is the most challenging. Rug makers are hired and trained to ensure the quality of product and their own fair pay. The rugs are cut by hand and the individual strands knotted one by one. For legal reasons (issues of work permits) as well as to facilitate smooth employment, the women work from there own homes. Each completed product is inspected to ensure the quality of the finished article. The products are packaged and transported by lorry to Finland, where they are stored and then delivered to customers all around the world.

As we develop our operations, we will continue to act responsibly.